Xiaomi will make electric cars at the Great Wall Factory

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, plans to build electric cars using the Great Wall Motor Company, entering the mobile phone maker in the tech companies’ race to manufacture smart transportation.

Whereas, confidential sources reported that Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone makers in the world, is in talks to use a factory from Great Wall factories in China to make its own brand of electric cars, with which it will target the entire market in parallel with the widespread spread of its electronic devices.

But Great Wall said on Friday that it had not discussed such a partnership with Xiaomi, and after the news broke, the smartphone company’s stock closed 6.3% higher, while Great Wall’s closed 10.4% higher in Hong Kong and 10% in Shanghai.

Great Wall will provide engineering consultancy to speed up the project, knowing that it has not previously offered its services to any other companies in the industry, and it is reported that Xiaomi is seeking to launch its first electric car around 2023, where the company’s cars will have the advantage of connecting with its other electronic devices in an integrated environmentally friendly system, and the two companies plan to announce their partnership early next week.

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