WhatsApp Launches New Services for Businesses

WhatsApp will soon launch cloud tools and premium features to support and attract more business projects

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at his company’s messaging event that WhatsApp will offer free cloud-based API services to attract more businesses to use the app.

The messaging service, which has embraced an increasing number of business customers, is one of several platforms through which Facebook-owned Meta has launched features dedicated to business and consumer shopping.

WhatsApp already has an Application Programming Interface, or some kind of API, that allows businesses to link their systems together and engage in customer service conversations within the service, which generates revenue for Meta.

Meta, which bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in a landmark deal in 2014, says businesses will not be able to message people on WhatsApp unless they first ask them to allow them to communicate with them. WhatsApp, for its part, added that it plans to offer optional paid features as part of a premium service. New to users for the version of its application that is intended for business and specifically targeted at small business projects. To read more [WhatsApp Launches Beta Version of Online Payments Service].

These features, which are still in development, will include options to manage conversations between about 10 devices and dedicated links to access conversations directly, allowing businesses to publish on their sites and easily share posts with customers.

In a conversation between Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the latter stated that a third of users who order WhatsApp rides in India are new Uber customers. Read more [Uber Revenue Flying and Spreading Huge Investment Loss] and [Uber Plans to Release a Super Travel App Soon].

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