What is Hidden for Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Competitor?

It has been just revealed that a very popular crypto analyst is addressing both Bitcoin and one Ethereum competitor future

It has just been revealed publicly in a new post that Michaël van de Poppe mentioned that he seeing $29,300 as a key make-or-break indicator for Bitcoin.

“Still watching the level at $29,300 for Bitcoin. If that sustains, I’ll see continuation happening on the markets. If that’s lost, I’m looking to see whether we sweep the actual lows and hit $26,000.”

Van de Poppe has also a strategy session videos where he informs his subscribers on YouTube that the largest cryptocurrency in the market Bitcoin BTC is likely to hold the critical window between $29,200 to $29,400.

“The chances that we’re going to get towards $32,834 and then still drop back to retest $27,000 [or] $28,000 is a very likely scenario in which you get a prolonged accumulation period for the markets.” He continued and said the following: “Right now, I think that the odds are favorable, especially with the indices bouncing up and the DXY [US dollar index] showing weakness, that we’re going to hold $29,300. That is the crucial breaker for me, so this entire block at $29,200 to $29,400 is the one that I think that we should be holding.”

The market is full of all kinds of crypto predictions currently after the latest crypto market disaster.

Moreover, it has been revealed that another popular crypto analyst is predicting the king currency rally. As the Pseudonymous analyst Credible did make sure to spot the light over the fact that at one day he will be bearish on Bitcoin but nor until the currency hits the $100K level in order to complete an extended bull cycle.

“Looking forward to being bearish after this wave up over $100,000 that I’m expecting completes.” and continued: ‘Seeing the way sentiment is now during a mid-cycle correction means the correction that corrects the entire bull cycle from $3,000 to $100,000+ is going to be absolutely brutal.”

By the time of writing this article the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $30,052.68, and it is trading in green.

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