Walmart and McDonald’s split after working together 30 years

A few days ago, McDonald’s restaurants were present in more than 800 Walmart stores, but after the closure of Walmart stores this summer, only about 150 restaurants will remain, and at the same time Subway restaurants will also close their stores this year, as people going to Walmart stores is much lower now than it used to be.

Those restaurants need more people in stores to make profits, but many Walmart customers have been receiving their goods in the parking lot since the beginning of the pandemic, which means that few of them stop to buy fast food, and some customers do not even come to the store because they can order from home and receive their order without the need to go to the stores.

McDonald’s business in Walmart stores is less profitable than its regular restaurants because of the Drive-through window, and Walmart has started closing hundreds of its independent stores since 2002, and in 2020, there were about 500 restaurants operating in Walmart stores, and some restaurants were reported to suffer a loss in sales when another restaurant opened in the same store.

Walmart is experimenting with introducing several fast food ideas into its stores, such as juice vending machines, Charley Phyllis Steak restaurants, Domino Pizza, and Ben’s pastries, but Walmart’s relationship with McDonald’s has been remarkable, as the majority of the restaurant’s customers have been Walmart employees, and McDonald’s is now trying to find alternative business models in several other sites.

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