Wall Street Finance and the Arabic language

Almost a year after the actual launch of Wall Street Finance in establishing this news network that impartially broadcasts all news in finance and investment in Arabic on all known and important social networks. The beginning was in the year 2008 via Twitter, but it was just intermittent tweets until April of the year 2020, when we decided that this initiative would be a serious and larger one, as our team consists of publishers, translators, writers and designers to do this task.

The Arab investor lacks sources in Arabic in global business and financial news, specifically those specialized in Wall Street and the like, so we decided that our initiative should be the nucleus of an integrated website that transmits all news in an impartial manner in Arabic to the Arab follower.

Our plan is bigger and more comprehensive in the near future, God willing, and with your support, we will continue to renew and develop the network and add new sections. Therefore, we do not dispense with your suggestions, which we receive through the official mail [email protected] to develop our network and preserve the identity of the site, which is directed to the Arab public in general.

Faisal Notes

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