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Wall Street Analysts See A Long-Term Success of These Stocks

With the end of the earnings results season approaching, investors are seeking to see how companies will perform during the second half of 2021, especially at a time when factors affecting the financial future are still unpredictable such as the delta-mutation, supply chains and the processor crisis. However, many investors take into account the ratings of the most successful financial analysts, and here are the 5 best stocks for long-term investment according to TipRanks analysis.



After Walmart’s results beat Wall Street analysts’ expectations and the company raised its guidance for the rest of the year, Walmart’s share price increased from $160 to $170, and the stock maintained a “buy” rating. Read More [Walmart Profits Beat Estimates, Boosted by Grocery Sales].



Despite its precarious stance since the beginning of the health crisis, Airbnb was able to handle the difficulties and its business is now witnessing some stability, with its stock categorized as “buy” with its price target raised from $200 to $210. Read more [Airbnb Bookings Up 52% After Vaccinations Pushed Demand for Holiday Bookings] and [Airbnb Warns of The Impact of Delta Mutation on Traveling].


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

The supply chains of semiconductors and chips are slowly improving to keep up with the high demand in the industry, and it is important for investors to find the best company to invest in this area. However, it is still 25% off its real price according to analysts, and has been rated “buy” with a price target of $135.



Although the profits of its second quarter were not strong, this may mean an opportunity to buy its share, for example, if a share fell sharply, but the investor sees that that drop was the result of an exaggerated reaction, this means that there is an opportunity to buy the stock again , especially for Wix.com, which is still a leader in web design, where their names are rated “Buy” with an adjusted price target of $270.



If a company such as Neo can withstand the storm that the auto industry is currently witnessing, it will be a strong company when the markets are stable, as the electric car company’s stock was classified as “buy” despite publishing mixed results with raising expectations for third-quarter shipments, and its price target was set between 65-67 dollars.

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