Volkswagen CEO says he wants to get close to Tesla and then overtake it

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess rejected the idea of his company joining Tesla, and indicated that Volkswagen is seeking to go its own way, and when he was asked if he will make any future deal with Tesla’s billionaire company, Elon Musk, that includes his company manufacturing Musk’s electric cars, or that the two companies will merge at some point, he said that there are no talks between him and Elon Musk about that.

It is worth noting that this shift in companies’ focus on electric vehicles comes at a time when authorities around the world are seeking to expand the spread of vehicles with little or no harmful emissions, in a direction that would reduce air pollution and eliminate fuel-burning engines.

The United Kingdom has announced its plans to stop selling diesel and petrol cars and trucks from 2030, while the European Commission’s “Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy” program aims to have more than 30 million zero-emissions cars on the road by 2030 as well.

Against this backdrop, VW and several major automakers are looking to enter the Tesla market, and of course its rival in the electric car industry.

In an interview with the CEO, “Diess”, he indicated that the next fifteen years will see electric cars dominate the market and the software for these vehicles will become the basis of the auto industry, and he also expects that cars will become self-driving within the same time frame.

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