Virgin Galactic Is Re-Offering Its Tickets With Prices Starting At $450K

Virgin Galactic announced its second-quarter results after the stock market closed Thursday, adding that it will reopen ticket sales for its flights starting at $450,000 per seat, and said that the next test of its space flight will be in late September from the Spaceport America platform in New Mexico, and the flight will bring with members of the Italian Air Force.

Virgin Galactic posted a second-quarter adjusted EBITDA loss of $56 million, slightly larger than the previous quarter’s loss of $55.9 million, and the company collected revenues of $571,000 from scientific research experiments regarding its space flight test that occurred in May, which pushed the shares to rise after the report by 5% during extended trading, after closing at $31.53 per share.

The company launched two flights into space during the quarter, the first from the Spaceport America platform in New Mexico, and the second carrying company founder Richard Branson and three other specialists to test the vehicle’s cockpit. Read more [Richard Branson arrives in space with a Virgin Galactic flight].

The space tourism company is working on spaceflight tests as the final stage of the development of its vehicle, and it had about 600 reservations for its future flights tickets, most of which were sold at prices ranging from 200-250 thousand dollars per ticket, and added that the company will offer new price offers for the cards, starting at a price of 450 thousand dollars per seat, depending on the type of reservation, for example: booking a single seat, premium seats for couples, friends or family, in addition to the ability to book the entire flight.

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