US Court Orders Apple To Ease App Store’s Laws

Apple faces US court order over payment systems monopoly

A US federal judge has blocked some Apple App Store laws forcing it to allow developers to send their users to use payment systems other than the App Store in a partial win for Fortnite maker Epic Games and several other app companies.

However, the judge did not ask Apple to allow app makers to use their payments systems, which is one of Epic’s most important requests, meaning it allowed the company to continue to collect 15-30% commissions for its own in-app payments system.

Following the news, Apple’s stock fell 3.2%, but many Wall Street analysts maintained their long-term outlook for the company, while Alphabet’s stock fell 1.7%, noting that Epic sued its Google division, which runs the app store for Android devices, on charges monopoly.

The judge ruled that Apple can no longer prevent developers from displaying links or buttons in their apps that direct consumers to other ways to pay outside of the iPhone maker’s payment system, the court added that the company is not allowed to prevent developers from communicating with customers via the contact information that they can obtain when customers register within the application, and it is reported that the lawsuit filed by Epic began after the company entered its payment system within the application in Fortnite.

Lawmakers in the United States and Europe are considering bills that would force Apple to allow third-party in-app payment systems, and the South Korean parliament has already approved such a law, and it is worth noting that Apple has faced a similar case in India as well. Read more [Apple Faces Serious Antitrust Case In India].

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