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Top 5 Stocks to Invest According to TipRanks Data

The best Wall Street analysts see the rise of these stocks in the midst of extreme volatility in global markets

Rising oil prices, the possibility of the Federal Reserve returning to easy fundraising, as well as tension among policymakers in Washington are some of the factors that have led to market volatility, but the best Wall Street analysts see the following stocks are stable and up, according to TipRanks data:


Since it collects a huge amount of its revenue from spending on advertising, Google’s owner Alphabet is expected to continue its success through the end of the year, and it has set a price target of $3,325 per share with a success rate of 71% and an average valuation return of 26.6%.


After the Corona crisis, the number of student subscriptions to Chegg continued to increase, in addition to the high retention rate witnessed by its online education platform, which made analysts optimistic about its stock by setting a price target of $120 per share with a success rate of 65% and an average return of 36.8%.


As for the commercial performance, the technology and social media giant is witnessing clear stability, in addition to the urgent desire of advertisers to place ads on its platform due to it having the best consumer targeting techniques among its competitors and the highest rates of return on investments, according to analysts, a price target for its stock was set at $425, with a success rate of 60% and an average return of 36.3%.


Sales of Peloton Interactive have grown by 120% so far during 2021, and the exercise equipment and services company is currently seeking to focus on a new strategy, which analysts are closely monitoring, especially after its disappointing statements in late August. Read more [Peloton Shares Fall After Publishing Disappointing Results], bringing its stock price target to $120 with a success rate of 66% and an average return of 31.4%.

The Trade Desk:

The Trade Desk (TTD) has been described as a “winner among the sidebars” on the websites, in part due to its domestic and international scale of business as well as its strong partnerships, this puts its price target of $100 per share, with a success rate of 57% and an average return of 23.6%.

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