Top 5 Stocks To Invest According To TipRanks Analysts

The best Wall Street analysts are optimistic about the rise of these stocks and their profits

As companies announce their third-quarter results and approach the end of 2021, analysts and investors are looking for companies that will end the year with strong performance to leave potential room for their stock to rise, and in this list are the top 5 stocks according to the best Wall Street analysts at TipRanks.


The giant retailer posted monthly results again with positive indicators regarding sales, market share and global expansion, which made analysts classify its stock as “buy” and set a price target equal to $520, knowing that the evaluation success rate is 82% with an average return equal to 56.6%.


Despite the shortage of semiconductor chips that affected many sectors, companies that produce these chips, such as Marvell Technology Group, are witnessing a huge demand for their products and are moving towards the adoption of advanced chips based on cloud services, and the Marvell stock price target was raised from $69 to $75 with a success rate of 83% and an average return of 82%.

General Motors

The largest automaker in the United States recently presented its promising plans to convert its products towards electric vehicles, which will help increase its ability to speculate in the market, read more [General Motors Boosts Spending On Electric Vehicles By 30%], and it is worth noting that General Motors has the ability to direct at least half of its customers towards owning electric vehicles by the end of the current decade, which led to a price target of $85 with a 77% success rate and an average return of 54.7%.


The IT security company has invested heavily in its sales division and is focused on improving productivity in that division, causing analysts to rate its stock price target at around $345, with a success rate of 68% and an average return of 41.6%.


In early 2020, Sonos accused Alphabet of infringing a series of patents, and in mid-August a judge sided with the smart audio company, but the counter-lawsuit indicated that a settlement was unlikely in the near term, which led to a sell-off of Sonos shares, which reduced the stock price, but it still has room to go up, evaluating its price target of around $50 with a success rate of 69% and an average return of 36.9%.

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