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Top 5 Stocks Right Now, In Conjunction With Volatile Markets

Wall Street analysts are optimistic about these five stocks in light of the turmoil in the stock market

February started with a noticeable turmoil with some of the major tech companies, including Meta Platforms and Amazon, posting weak and shaky quarterly results that fell short of analyst expectations, causing confusing short-term swings enough to confuse most investors. Read more [Social Media Stocks Plunge After Facebook’s Results][Amazon Stock is Having its Worst Week Since 2018].

We will reveal to you the predictions of Wall Street analysts at Top Ranks for the 5 best stocks to invest at the moment.

Digital Marathon

With the bitcoin tumbling, the shares of companies that miner the leading currency also suffered, but with the recovery of the crypto markets, the shares of Marathon Digital appeared stronger than others in attracting investments, and its stock was valued as “buy” with a price target equal to $51. Read More [Bitcoin is Reaching $50K According to Analysts].


ROBLOX’s stock, which has been tumbling with tech stocks over the past two months, has benefited from Meta’s move into the virtual world of metaverses that boosted its game’s popularity, with the stock being valued “buy” with a price target of $110. Read More [Roblox’s Revenue Doubles In The Third Quarter].


Boeing has suffered greatly due to delays in production of the 737 Max, but many countries have renewed confidence in the company, which began to record new orders for its planes despite publishing heavy financial losses and falling stocks, as expectations revolve around a general improvement in the aircraft industry around the world, and has been Its stock is rated “buy” with a target price of $265. Read more [Boeing Posts Third Consecutive Annual Huge Loss] [Boeing and Airline Stocks Decline Due to the New Variant].

AMD Advanced Micro Devices

The computer chip maker AMD recently published results that exceeded Wall Street analyst expectations with excellent profits and provided amazing expectations for the results of March, prompting analysts to evaluate its stock as “buy” and raising the share price target from $175 to $180. Read more [AMD Stock Rises After Publishing Its 2022 Sales Outlook].

Block (formerly Square)

Block’s market value flew with investors rushing to take advantage of payment systems through applications that do not require any financial contracts, but with the reversal of trends during the past quarter, coinciding with the massive sale of technology shares.

Block shares (formerly Square) fell 62% from their highest value recorded last August, and the financial technology company that owns the “super application” recently closed its deal to acquire AfterPay for the “buy now, pay later” service.

The company also entered the cryptocurrency market with a Bitcoin project, and all these factors led the stock to be valued “buy” with a price target of $200. Read more [Buy Now, Pay Later Companies Collapsed After Investigations] [Square Acquires Fintech Company Afterpay for $29 Billion] [Square Is Creating A New Project Based on Bitcoin].

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