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Top 5 stocks of 2020 to invest in immediately

In a presentation of the strongest performing stocks in 2020, taking into account their future performance and their continued success, as no one prefers to invest in volatile stocks that will rise and fall later, and the stocks are:

Fiverr Platform:

Freelance market platform with an annual share growth rate of 779%, doubling its revenue in the third quarter year on year, and expected to generate annual sales of only $100 billion in North America, while the company’s market in Europe represents even greater numbers than that.


The share of the electronic car maker specializing in solar energy solutions has achieved a growth rate of 665% this year, in conjunction with the increase in sales of its vehicles, and its revenues are expected to increase by 46% next year, and the company is planning to enter completely new markets such as the light and heavy trucks market. In addition, it raised $5 billion in additional capital from its stock sale this month, which expanded the company’s investment options.

Etsy Platform:

The antique or handmade goods market, which operates primarily between people as well as businesses, has posted a year-on-year growth of 284%, as the pandemic has attracted millions of new buyers and sellers, as well as millions of old users returning to the platform.


The share of the e-commerce platform has grown by 71% this year, as the company is investing its profits again in other areas of long-term growth, knowing that the company is almost touching markets outside North America and Western Europe, but it is establishing its infrastructure in promising markets such as India and Brazil Amazon stock is currently ranked third in terms of market capitalization.


Netflix’s stock has achieved 61% growth, as its original content production strategy is approaching a turning point, as the huge investments it made last year will secure continuous growth and cash flow over the coming years, and the company’s services in streaming entertainment content are expected to replace terrestrial television in the coming decades.

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