TikTok App Transfers Data of US Users to Oracle

TikTok is moving towards converting its US user database to Oracle Networks

TikTok has completed the process of transferring the information of its American users to the servers of Oracle Corporation, in a step that will contribute to allaying regulatory concerns about the integrity of information sharing within the popular video application.

The move comes nearly two years after the US National Security Committee ordered ByteDance to ban TikTok due to concerns about its transfer of US users’ information to the Chinese government.

The move also comes after leaked reports from TikTok meetings indicate that ByteDance employees in China have accessed private data related to American users.

The short video company defended itself and stated that engineers in China do not have enough ability to access non-public information of American users, as it is common for some engineers in Internet companies to have access to data, but TikTok has previously stated that it is trying to Limit such advantages that the system gives programmers.

TikTok will continue to use its own data centers in Virginia and Singapore to back up information as it seeks to “completely focus” on Oracle in the US. Read More [Oracle’s Fourth-Quarter Results Beat Expectations].

US President Joe Biden rejected the executive decisions issued by his predecessor, Donald Trump, to ban Chinese applications such as TikTok and WeChat from the US market, citing national security concerns. Read more [Russia Imposes a Fine on Twitter, TikTok and Meta Facebook].

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