The World of Metaphysics Will Be Investable

Tech Billionaire Orlando Bravo Says Metaverse Will Be Huge And Investable

The virtual world of metaverses has a “tremendous” investment opportunity, as described by the billionaire businessman from Puerto Rican “Orlando Bravo“, who is the co-founder and managing partner of the private equity firm Thoma Bravo, and stated that he believes that metaverses is one of the most important things he brought in 2021 to the world.

The world of metaverse is a science fiction concept in which humans put some kind of device on their head or smart glasses that allow them to live, work and play in a virtual world like that imagined in the novel and movie “Ready Player One“, and depending on each person’s point of view, this could be a utopian dream or a dystopian nightmare.

The term metavirus was highlighted last month by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg when he changed his company’s name to “Meta” and stated that the new company would focus on the world of metaviruses. Read more [Facebook Officially Changed Its Name To Meta], and several other companies, such as Microsoft, Roblox, Nvidia and the British companyr Improbable, are trying to build software and hardware that will power the virtual world.

Thoma Bravo has more than $83 billion in assets under management and a portfolio of more than 40 software companies, in addition to its investments in software companies such as Dynatrace and cybersecurity companies such as Barracuda and McAfee recently acquired by a consortium. Read more [Advent-led Consortium Acquires McAfee in $14 Billion Deal] Bravo is also a supporter and optimist for the future of cryptocurrency, as he owns an as-yet-undisclosed amount of Bitcoin.

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