The US adds 14 new Chinese companies to the ban list

The administration of US President “Joe Biden” has added 14 Chinese companies and several other entities to the list of economic embargoes on charges of violating human rights and strict control in the Xinjiang region.

The new companies added include the China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology, Xinjiang Lianhai Chuangzhi Information Technology, Geling Shentong Information Technology in Beijing, Shenzhen Hua’antai AI Technologies and Chengdu Xiwu Consortium for Security Systems.

The Ministry of Commerce said that it will add a total of 34 entities, including some companies in Russia and Iran, and 5 other entities that directly support the Chinese military’s battle management system and laser modernization programs. The list also includes 8 entities that facilitate the export of specific items from the United States to Iran and 6 entities involved in supplying electronic parts of American origin that are often used in the development of combat programs in the Russian army.

These moves come after the ministry’s decision, announced last month, to add 5 companies and several Chinese entities to the ban list due to allegations of the exploitation of forced labor in the far west of China, knowing that these accusations have been repeated and appeared in the form of boycott campaigns by some world-famous brands [Nike and Adidas face attacks on social media over Xinjiang].

However, China has rejected all charges of genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang and says its policies are necessary to get rid of separatists and religious extremists who plotted attacks and created tension between Uighur Muslims and Han, the largest ethnic group in China.

Generally, all entities added to the economic embargo list must apply for licenses from the Department of Commerce and face intense scrutiny if they wish to obtain permission to import goods from US suppliers.

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