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The news of the Pfizer vaccine pushed 18 firms shares up

The S&P500 index rose 2.5% last week due to the US elections and of course due to Pfizer’s announcement of the success of the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccine trials, and its announcement of the success of the vaccine was the most important factor that gave hope for recovery to most affected business areas such as tourism, hosting, energy, Real estate. Certainly, the field of tourism and hosting is one of the businesses that have been most affected, as the virus has stopped these businesses’ work for a long time, so the successful vaccine for the virus means the return of people to travel and the return of airlines, cruises, resorts and hotels to work. These expectations ignited the stock market of these businesses during the past week.

Another business that has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is energy, as the decrease in travel, general closure and working from home has severely reduced the use of planes, cruises cars and other vehicles, as transportation represents 70% of oil consumption, so the emergence of an effective vaccine will mean the return of life to normal and the return of demand for oil as was the case before, and because of the promising vaccine, the shares of some oil, gas and gasoline companies rose during the past week, including:

Cimarex Energy (for oil and gas): up 14%

TripAdvisor (online reservations): up 14%

Expedia (online bookings): up 14%

Boeing (aircraft industry): up 12%

Royal Caribbean (cruises): up 13%

Carnival Corp (cruises): up 5%

Wynn Resorts (playing and betting): up 8%

Norwegian Cruise Lines (cruises): up 9%

Diamondback Energy (for oil and gas): up 21%

Valero Energy (oil refining and marketing): increased by 20%

Phillips 66 (fuel transportation and marketing): increased by 14%

Occidental Petroleum (for oil and gas): up 8%

Real estate investment represented one of the victims of the pandemic, as these offices manage income-generating properties such as offices, residential buildings, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers and hotels, as the demand for rented commercial spaces has decreased significantly, vacancy rates have risen and rental rates have decreased, but all that will change with the return of the recovery of the economy Which depends on the effective vaccine, these expectations led to a rise in the shares of real estate investment companies, including:

Kimco Realty (real estate investment): up 28%

Federal Realty Investment Trust (real estate investment): up 18%

SL Green Realty (real estate investment): increased by 15%

Boston Properties (real estate investment): up 17%

While the shares of online sales rose the retail sales still represented a priority in the movement of stores, which suffered from the general closure that caused the closure of shops, and with the promising results of the success of the Corona virus vaccine, the shares of several commercial companies rose last week, including:

Coty Inc (for cosmetic products): increased by 33%

Nordstrom (for jewelry and luxury products): up 24%

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