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The 5 Most Powerful Stocks Are Poised To Rise On Wall Street

Although the markets have fallen from their highest values recently, analysts believe that several companies still have the potential to grow, as innovation in sales techniques, acquisition of “buy now, pay later” companies and the shift to cloud computing all contributed to the optimistic forecasts for the following five stocks:


With the growth of e-commerce markets and consumers’ search for companies that provide installment services or the so-called “buy now, pay later” to facilitate their purchases, PayPal has witnessed a remarkable boom, especially with its keeping pace with the markets through the acquisition of the Paidy platform in the field of installment payments. Read more [PayPal Enters ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Market], and the stock price target has been set at $323, a success rate of 69% and an average return of 16.6%.


Many students have returned to their schools to start their new school year after a year of virtual lessons in light of the pandemic, and as a software company that includes kindergarten through secondary education, PowerSchool has been able to adapt to both education markets, which is reflected in raising its price target from 32 to 38 dollars, with a success rate of 78% and an average return of 29.2%.


This company is considered a distinguished motorcycle brand with an exceptionally loyal customer base, and although it stumbled over the past few years, it has the potential to grow as the younger generation turned to buying its bikes, setting a price target of $56 with a success rate of 72% and an average return of 20.3%.


If there was one distinct trend coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be the terrible acceleration towards digitization, as even though employees are returning to their offices, the cloud services and digital transformation that Salesforce offers will remain evident in the future labor market, prompting analysts to give it a price target of $300 with a success rate of 79% and an average return of 29.2%.


As we previously mentioned, e-commerce witnessed a special year during the pandemic period, which makes Amazon in a strong position for growth, knowing that it is recently investing in huge spaces to build stores on the ground, to read more [Amazon Plans To Open Giant On The Ground Stores], and it is developing new ways to pay for products through its own financial systems, to read more [Amazon And Walmart Are Working To provide Financial Services], in addition to entering the new installment payment services market, to read more [Affirm shares rise after news of its partnership with Amazon], All of this pushed its stock price target valuation to $4,250, with a success rate of 74% and an average return of 29%.

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