Tezos The Main ETH Competitor Could Surge in Price by Double

It has been revealed that the Tezos XTZ price may surge to the highest since it was released

It just has been reported that the famous crypto channel Coin Bureau explores Tezos (XTZ) host and what the coin exactly takes to regain the previous ATH.

It has also been revealed on YouTube by “Guy” the analyst, that the built-in adaptability of the Ethereum competitor is secret to its long-term prospect.

“Tezos is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been explicitly designed to evolve so that it may not only survive but thrive…Tezos is on track to become one of the top cryptocurrencies.”

Tezos was released in 2014, while the XTZ native token was launched in 2018. However, according to the website of the project, XTZ values exactly both governance and design as a crucial feature to make sure of the token success.

“By design, Tezos embraces long-term upgradability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract safety.”

The host “Coin Bureau host” reported that the price of Tezos token is not valued by what it really worth after 3 years of its release compared to the premium cryptocurrencies Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH over the same period of time. Read more [Bitcoin Reaches a High Above $51K & Luna at $100 ATH] and [A New Ethereum Bullish Catalyst is Analyzed] and [Ethereum Explodes and Two ETH Competitors to Overtake it].

“XTZ hasn’t performed all that well compared to most other cryptocurrencies… only up about 10x. If ICO [initial coin offering] participants had held onto [their] BTC and ETH instead, they’d be up almost 20x.”

He added also that the foundation of Tezos is completely aware of the store-of-value properties of BTC. However, the foundation of Tezos might get a great amount of money from XTZ sales from both staking and delegation rewards or initial allocation.

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