Tesla shares up 5% after Goldman Sachs update and new target

Tesla shares jumped on Thursday after renewing Goldman Sachs shares to become “buy” after it was in “neutral” position and raised its price target to $780, to be the highest on Wall Street, which led to a 5% increase in Tesla shares, and its share growth rate reached A year ago to today’s date, it increased to 603%, as its accession to the S&P500 Index on December 21, and the removal of concern about its ability to achieve profits, led to the launch of its shares.

The bank noted that the prices of batteries used by Tesla are falling faster than expected, and by withdrawing the bank’s view, that as governments around the world continue to issue regulatory decisions that include the complete elimination of harmful emissions vehicles within 10-20 years will improve the future of electric vehicle sales, And other lesser-known services offered by the company, which include installing solar panels on the roofs of homes for example, will increase the company’s sales and strength in the long run.

Elsewhere, many analysts have turned pessimistic about Tesla in the belief that the advantage of being the first investor in the EV space project will allow it to capitalize on a growing user base.

According to MarketBeat, the company’s stock currently has 11 offers to sell, 10 offers to hold, 11 offers to buy, and one strong offer from analysts.

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