Technology Giants Face International Stress

US and EU target tech giants ahead of upcoming trade and technology meeting

The United States, along with the European Union, is planning a unified approach to limit the growing power and dominance of major technology companies in the markets, as this step will be among the statements that will be announced at the meeting of the US-European Trade and Technology Council, whose discussions will revolve around climate, technology, commerce and supply chain, and will be held in Pittsburgh on September 29th.

As the United States and Europe try to curb the growing power of American technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, cooperation between governments has become crucial to regulators on both sides of the Atlantic, making it even more difficult for companies in the tech field in the face of new laws. .

There are still many examples of cooperation between the two continents, with Google facing several monopoly cases in the United States over its advertising business, and also suffering from a massive investigation of its advertising technologies in the European Union. Read more [The EU Has Opened An Investigation Into Google’s Ads Work].

The Council’s Climate and Clean Energy Group will identify investment and trade opportunities in low- and carbon-neutral products and technologies, and the Supply Chain Group will focus on securing supplies for pharmaceuticals, base metals and clean energy.

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