Slack becomes Microsoft rival after Salesforce acquisition

Many professional corporate communications companies have developed their business tools and applications, while others have focused on expanding their business to better adapt to the current situation. The latest example of business scaling is Salesforce, which acquired Slack for $27.7 billion.

Slack was launched last year in the stock market with a value of $19 billion before its shares witnessed a significant decline, but the presentation made by Salesforce, which provides a suite of sales and marketing software, highlighted the importance of meeting the requirements of remote work, and with the union of the two companies, both are seeking To combine the comprehensive application systems between them to create an integrated platform that includes all aspects of the business of the two companies.

This deal comes in conjunction with Amazon’s announcement of its partnership with Zoom to benefit from its continued growth, and Google and Microsoft also enjoyed a high growth rate in daily use this year due to the two companies’ means of communication, and what raises the controversy regarding the Slack deal that it previously rejected the offers of both previous companies to buy it, He described Microsoft as a “bully” for including Teams services in its office products, making it difficult to compete in the marketplace.

Thanks to the Slack deal, it will be able to compete with those major companies, and both Slack and Salesforce will benefit from this deal, by expanding the Slack enterprise space, and Salseforce will combine Slack tools with its cloud services, which will often replace Salesforce’s special tool for sharing “Chatter” that did not It has been a successful service, and the acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of Salesforce’s fiscal year 2022, pending approval by the Board of Directors and regulators.

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