Samsung exceeds Apple to be the No.1 company in the US

Samsung has surged in sales and has overtaken Apple to become the top seller of smart devices in the United States for the first time in three years. The company’s share of the American market for smart devices reached 33.7% during the period between July and September, which is 6.7% higher than its market share during the same quarter last year. While Apple ranked second with a 30.2% share of the smart device market, followed by LG with a 14.7% share.

The reason for the company’s high market share is due to the sales of its mid-range devices in conjunction with the launch of its main devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2, in addition to that, Apple’s late launch of the iPhone 12 also helped Samsung’s market share rise, the new iPhone is usually launched in September, but this year it was launched in October due to manufacturing delays caused by the Corona pandemic. Unusually, LG came with the third largest share in the American market significantly, as the credit for its success was due to re-establishing a new budget and starting a new production line for mid-range devices, in addition to devices such as LG Wing and its upcoming foldable device.

Samsung remains the largest manufacturer of smart devices in the world, in a market that is close to turbulent after the first wave of the Corona virus caused a noticeable drop in sales in the first half of the year, and statistics for the third quarter indicate that Samsung has acquired a share of 21.9% of the global market, followed by Huawei with a 14.1% share and Xiaomi with a 12.7% share, while Apple comes in fourth place with a share of 11.9% of the global market.

The lead of Samsung on the US market is related to the sales volume of this iPhone 12, and the CEO of Apple stated that the demand for its device is having a strong and excellent start, while reports indicate that Apple is suffering in securing chips for its devices, which means that it may face a shortage in securing its manufacturing needs during the holiday season.

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