S4 Capital Acquires Zemoga Technology Services Group

S4 Capital, a subsidiary of British entrepreneur Martin Sorrell, buys technology services group Zemoga

S4 Capital has made a deal to buy technology services company Zemoga that will offer a new way for the digital marketing group to attract multinational clients, but the price and details of the deal have not been released yet.

WPP founder “Sorrell” transformed S4 from a $4 billion company into a $6 billion business in just 3 years since its launch via acquisitions to combine data with digital content and service platforms such as Facebook, Google, Burberry and Netflix.

It is planned that this movement towards technology companies will help the company to compete more with companies such as Accenture and Globant, which can sell digital marketing services to customers as well as tips for internal digital transformation within their businesses.

Founded in 2002 in Colombia, Zemoga will help the fast-growing S4 company take an important step toward creating a third process technology service platform and, as a digital transformation group, will provide product design, engineering and delivery services to customers that include Bridgestone, Sony, Roku and Morningstar, knowing that Zemoga’s business is focused on hiring technical professionals across the United States to help customers digitize their internal and external businesses.

Sorrell stated that his company’s entry into the technology services sector through Zemoga will give it access to the CTO, CIO, Marketing Director and Sales Director, which means that it has an integrated digital marketing suite.

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