Ryanair Says the Strike Has Not Affected It

Ryanair reveals that only 2% of its flights have been affected by the recent strike in Spain

Only 2% of Ryanair flights between Friday and Sunday were affected by the strike by cabin crew, according to the Irish low-cost airline, with cabin crew unions in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy announcing abstention plans. From work during the weekend in solidarity with the Spanish workers who are preparing to strike again on June 30 and July 1-2.

In an official statement, Rayner said:

“Less than 2% of our 9,000 flights, which we operate over the weekend (24-25-26 June), were affected by the minority crews’ strikes, which did not see significant support.”

The unions have stated that Irish Airlines does not respect local labor laws on matters such as minimum wages and have asked management to improve working conditions.

Ryanair says it offers employees fair working conditions and is competitive in the market. the airlines told news networks last week that it had negotiated employment agreements covering 90% of its employees in Europe, and that it did not expect widespread disruption to its business this summer.

The strikes on Saturday forced the cancellation of about 75 flights within Spain’s airports and caused delays for about 180 additional flights. Sunday’s strike resulted in the cancellation of 42 flights to or from Spain and 58 flights suffered delays as well. Read more [Air Travel Will Return by 2023 According to Lufthansa].

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