Robotics Are Making Their Way Into Small Restaurant Chains

Automating order lists and automated order processing reaches restaurants and small businesses

The concept of robotics and automation is usually associated with large budgets within multi-billion dollar companies, but the cost of these technologies has come down to becoming acceptable to companies and even small enterprises.

Given all the options in the ordering regulations in restaurants and fast food chains, it takes about 7-8 minutes to order by phone, if there is a staff to take the order at first, as the restaurant industry, especially among other sectors, suffers from a severe shortage of labor. Read more [Restaurants Tussle With Stern Vaccine Authorization Policies], [Resignation Rate of American Workers Hits Record Highs].

After researching the problem, the solution was found in Grubbrr, which sells ready-made kiosks that can take restaurant or store orders and integrate them with online orders and point-of-sale systems, and the company started with one location through only two kiosks at a cost of $14,400, which is equivalent to What you would have paid as a salary to an employee throughout the year to take orders over the phone.

According to a recent report from the National Restaurant Association, about 7 out of 10 restaurant chains stated that they do not currently have a sufficient number of employees to meet the demands of customers, knowing that the restaurant industry added about 1.7 million jobs in 2021, but many restaurants are still suffering from A severe shortage of staff, with the expectation that this crisis will continue to escalate.

One of the examples of technologies that have become popular and affordable for restaurants is contactless ordering and payment. Many restaurants nowadays use QR codes that are placed on tables to encourage customers to order and pay through their smartphones, which represents a time-saving for the staff, who Without this technology, he would have had to take the order and manually enter it into the point of sale system.

The fall in the cost of robotics and automation technologies came after large-scale investment within the global smartphone and self-driving car industry. Read more [Chinese Tech Companies Expand Their Robotic Staff].

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