Restaurants Tussle With Stern Vaccine Authorization Policies

Restaurant owners and entrepreneurs face an important question during one of the toughest employment conditions in decades, to authorize or not to authorize a vaccine?, as The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday approved the Pfizer and Biotech COVID-19 vaccines, opening the door for businesses to demand that workers get the vaccine. But between high unemployment benefits, reluctance about the virus, the difficulties of childcare and many other things, the restaurant industry is facing a shortage of workers, and with the addition of a vaccine mandate, this may make matters worse, which is reflected in the large restaurants remaining in a state of silence about Delegating the vaccine to the staff.

McDonald’s recently pushed back its restaurant business to October 11 and said it would require its American staff to be vaccinated by September 27, except for those with religious or medical reasons. Chipotle has also encouraged its employees to get vaccinated.

In New York City, restaurant workers need to take at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the NYC Pass program that began this month and will become mandatory on September 13.

In Texas, Eric Silverstein, who owns The Peached Tortilla and Fat City restaurants, said that 95% of the staff had been vaccinated with the vaccine, as he encouraged vaccinations by paying workers $30 to take the dose and systems procedures through the human resources department. But he did not ask workers to take the vaccine directly, and for those who do not want to take it, they will have consequences.

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