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Privacy policy for Wall Street Finance site
We thank our readers for their trust in our site and we also thank them for their following our economic news which exists on our site. We assert to you that we will provide you with international economic news which benefits and enjoy you. We ask you to read this policy carefully to know the items which contain and to agree to these terms in order to be able to use our site. Our privacy policy includes the following items

The readers’ rights
We do not need any data or personal information from the readers because our site does not request the readers to register on it to read the news which exists on it so, no damage will happen to the readers’ privacy

The rights of Wall Street Finance site
We ensure that our site meets the desires of all readers at all times so; we carry out all necessary modifications, changes, and additions which our site needs it at any time when we see it is necessary to do that. We advise the readers that it is necessary to always check this policy to make them find out what new has been added to this policy because once, we publish this policy with its new content, it will be enforced to all readers and the readers will comply with it

Intellectual rights and copyrights for Wall Street Finance site
A- All kinds of content available in Wall Street Finance site from news, photos, information, and other types of content belongs to the management of our site and a part of this content belongs to the global agents from which we bring this content from them. So, it is forbidden for any other party to copy or paste any content that belongs to our site or any content that belongs to these agents. Anyone does violates our site’s intellectual rights will take legal procedures against the person who did that
B- All types of content which exist on the pages which belong to our site such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snap Chat also belong to our site’s management and it is forbidden for any party to violate the rights of these pages

Contact us
We welcome the communication of the readers with us through our Email [email protected] if you have any inquiries, you will want us to answer them

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