Pizza Hut chain accepts Bitcoin as a payment in Venezuela

All Pizza Hut restaurants in Venezuela have agreed to accept Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies as a payment method in partnership with CryptoBuyer, which announced that all Pizza Hut restaurants in South American countries will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Binancecoin, Binance Dollar, Ethereum, Tether and XPT as payment methods, in a move to keep pace with Pizza hut’s development in the world and diversify payment options in its restaurants located in the capital, “Caracas” and other major cities in Venezuela.

CryptoBuyer has made several other partnerships with fast-food chains, including Burger King, and the company also operates several Bitcoin ATMs in South and Central America.

The history of Bitcoin is tied to pizza, as the first Bitcoin purchase to order two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin in May 2010 proved that Bitcoin, which was launched just one year ago, has real value.

As the country continues to swell, Venezuela is seen by many crypto proponents as one of the biggest appropriate use cases for Bitcoin, and with the US dollar being banned in the country and the local currency, the Bolivar still weak, Bitcoin is close to becoming an alternative as a stablecoin that maintains value and method of payment.

Statistics show an increase in bitcoin trading in the country despite the local government launching its own digital currency called “Petro”. Analysts believe that the reason for bitcoin’s achievements and its circulation in Venezuela is mainly the weakness of the bolivar currency, and it was not aimed at adopting bitcoin.

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