PancakeSwap Liquidity Secures $1M for HUH Token Launch

HUH, the upcoming cryptocurrency is getting prepared to be released on Dec 6

HUH Token is a rising cryptocurrency brand with major plans to generate passive income and improve the lives of many. According to the meme token’s website, it is the first cryptocurrency to distribute its token and BNB directly into HODLers‘ wallets.

Solidity Finance, Certik, and Shellboxes have audited the smart contracts of the project, there companies are all reputable crypto companies, and quite a few of the top coins today used their services once or are still reliant on them. A new official website has also been launched to allow users to view HUH Token’s plans and roadmap. The website also provides additional humanitarian information.

There are also details on the site regarding the launch of a multibridge of $500k PancakeSwap liquidity and $500k Uniswap liquidity. There is a combined monetary value of $1 million behind the launch of HUH Token, which is expected to take place on December 6. To put this in context, Safemoon, which has now become one of the most popular meme tokens, started with $200K in liquidity.

In addition, the Eden Reforestation Project website has been launched, allowing people to validate their philanthropic activity. HUH Token has acquired one million trees, which will be distributed to the first one million account holders. Furthermore, the team has created a custom-built referral tool to aid in the growth of the HUH community by providing a possibility to acquire money.

The token has an 888,000,000,000,000 total supply. 5% goes to the developer’s wallet, while 10% is set aside for marketing. Furthermore, there is a pricing system that is depending on whether or not people have been referred.

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