Oracle Is Developing And Automating Its Digital Marketing

Oracle Uses AI to Automate Parts of Digital Marketing

On Monday, Oracle announced a new system that it says will use artificial intelligence to automate key parts of its digital marketing campaigns.

Despite its inception as a database software company, Oracle currently competes with companies such as Adobe and Salesforce in selling cloud-based software used in B2B marketing that typically costs thousands of dollars and more.

Unlike consumer marketing campaigns, which can be aimed at increasing brand awareness, B2B campaigns aim to reach what marketers call a “qualified potential customer” someone the salesperson can initiate a conversation with, which in turn will result in a sale or a deal, while low-qualified clients cost the company money for wasting salespeople’s time.

Oracle’s marketing system, Fusion Marketing, uses artificial intelligence to automate marketing campaigns and determine whether people contacted via email or ads will eventually buy the product, and if confirmed, their contact information is sent to sales teams.

In order for the company’s system to do this, it collects data from several different sources, as some of the data comes, such as e-mail contact lists, from Oracle customers who use the system, and others are huge third-party data markets that Oracle has acquired in recent years to grow its e-marketing business.

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