Omicron Affects Airlines, Cancels Hundreds of Reservations

Omicron mutant outbreak cancels hundreds of holiday flights, infects flight crews

Airlines have canceled 2,000 flights since Christmas Eve, coinciding with the rapid spread of the new Omicron mutant of the Covid-19 virus, as flight crews were suspended due to infection with the virus, causing disruption to flights for thousands of customers, who had had to cancel their travel during the end of last year vacation.

Airlines had expected that flights at the end of this year would be the most crowded since the beginning of the epidemic, as the Transportation Security Administration recorded the examination of about 13.6 million people during the past week until Sunday, which is nearly double the number of flights seen last year and about 15% less than the 2019 levels before the pandemic.

Airlines, including United Airlines, Delta, American and JetBlue, indicated that the outbreak of the Omicron mutant among the crews was a reason for the cancellation of flights, and weather conditions also played a role in the disruption of flights, and other sectors suffered, such as restaurants and entertainment events, suffered from the lack of workers and crews due to the high infection with the virus, although the performance of stocks recently was indicating the end of the health crisis and quarantine in the United States. Read more [The Tech Stocks Performance Signals the Quarantine End in US].

But after reports of flight cancellations, airline shares tumbled far from expectations and positive indicators that were looming at the beginning of the holiday season. Read more [Boeing and Airline Stocks Decline Due to the New Variant] [British EasyJet Notices Improvement In Tourism And Travel] and [Ryanair Posts Profits For The First Time Since The Epidemic].

On Monday, airlines canceled more than 800 flights in the United States, an improvement from the number of canceled flights on Sunday, which reached 1,500, but it is a sign that the disruption to flights will continue throughout the week.

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