Nintendo’s profits are increasing due to the epidemic!

The Japanese company (the producer of the great video games such as Super Mario and Pokémon) announced that the profits of the half-year financial year tripled, as people became spending more time playing video games due to the home quarantine imposed by the Corona pandemic, as the company estimated profits for six months until the end of September at 213 billion yen ($2 billion), more than twice the profit of the same period last year, which was estimated at 62 billion yen.

It is reported that the company’s sales during the past six months rose to 769 billion yen (7.4 billion dollars), from only 444 billion yen. During that period, the company reported that 5 million copies of “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” and 3 million copies of “Paper Mario: The Origami King” have been sold on the Nintendo Switch, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently has sales of about 26 million copies worldwide.

The company expects that the positive results will continue in the future, as Nintendo raised the annual profit prediction until March to 300 billion yen ($ 2.9 billion) from 200 billion yen ($ 1.9 billion), and if the latest predict come true, it will record a 16% increase. Last year’s profit was estimated at 259 billion yen.

Despite the increasing number of Corona cases and their impact on the global economy, including the Japanese economy, some sectors, such as online sales networks and gaming and entertainment companies, continue to thrive and profits are inflated.

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