New Microsoft Cybersecurity Services to Counter Viral Attack

Microsoft announces new cybersecurity services to help its customers with virus attacks and other breaches

Microsoft’s security and protection business is growing faster than its core products, and the company will fuel its business with three new services designed to help organizations identify and respond to security incidents.

Microsoft is among the leaders in cloud software and technology infrastructures, which means that its technologies are already the backbone of many businesses of all sizes. This puts Microsoft in a position to not only provide security software to its customer base, but also provide market consulting services. in which demand is much higher than supply.

This new investment comes as organizations increase spending on protection and security to manage the growing risks from viral attacks and network intrusion. Read more [Microsoft Cloud Business is Under Pressure from EU Oversight].

Over the past year, Microsoft and several other technology companies have pledged to help fill 500,000 cybersecurity jobs in the United States, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that annual spending on research and development within the cybersecurity division will jump from $1 billion to $4 billion, noting that The Security & Protection division already represents $15 billion of the company’s annual business, and this year it has grown faster than any other company’s product or service. Read More [Microsoft Earnings Beat Expectations in The Q3].

The new security services will put Microsoft in direct competition with famous security software companies such as CrowdStrike, and it is worth noting that one of Microsoft’s largest competitors in cloud services, Google, is seeking to grow its business in cybersecurity, as the giant Alphabet subsidiary announced in March that it intends to acquire Cybersecurity firm Mandiant for $5.4 billion. Read more [The Best Wall Street Analysts Are Interested in These Stocks].

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