More Than 47% of Supply of The Bitcoin at a Loss

Around 47% of the supply of the Bitcoin is at a huge loss according to the data revealed

The price of the Bitcoin BTC has crashed to below $30K on Binance just yesterday, as this record is considered the first since July 2021.

According to the data revealed by CryptoQuant the popular analytics resource that more than 46.8% of the supply of the Bitcoin is at a loss, this action means that the investors acquired it at a higher price.

This occurred as the price of the largest cryptocurrency in the market Bitcoin dipped to less than $30K for the first time since July last year on Binance.

Interestingly, the price did also go to less than the verage acquisition cost for MicroStrategy’s BTC, that is at the time of writing this article, it sits at $30,700 per coin.

The company spearheaded by Michael Saylor, which is considered as one of the most vocal proponents, has bought more than 129,218 of bitcoins at this price.

The data recorded shows that this has happened before multiple times, as it took place during the crash of Covid-19 which happened in March 2020.

This king currency is trading in dark red at $31,122.70 by the time of writing this article.

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