Microsoft has contacted Pinterest in the past months regarding a potential deal

Microsoft has contacted Pinterest in recent months regarding a potential deal to acquire the company for $51 billion, but negotiations on the deal are not currently active, as Pinterest has gained great importance as a giant social media platform that thrived during the pandemic crisis, as it generates revenue by displaying ads alongside posts that users make on its site.

The general shift to interaction in the virtual world was reflected in the increased use of social media platforms, and Pinterest was one of the beneficiaries, as the number of its monthly active users increased by 37% to 459 million users in the fourth quarter.

The company added that during the year 2020, it added 100 million monthly active users to its audience, which is a record for the company, and it is worth noting that it previously indicated that it plans to remain independent.

Shares of Pinterest have risen more than seven times since their plunge in March last year, and it is believed that such a deal will test the ability of the new Biden administration to allow powerful tech companies to do deals.

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