JetBlue Schedule Shrinks With Crew Shortages

JetBlue cuts back on its summer schedule to avoid more jet lag

JetBlue Airways plans to reduce the number of flights on its summer schedule to avoid flight disruptions, as it struggles with staffing and managers anticipate that summer will be a busy travel season.

Joanna Giragati, COO and Head of JetBlue, said in an email to staff that May capacity has been reduced by 8-10%, and capacity for the remaining summer months is expected to decline by a similar rate.

Airlines are working hard to hire more staff to deal with the spring and summer passenger surge. A staff shortage led to hundreds of flight cancellations and delays last summer, and airline officials aim to prevent a repeat. Read more [Jetblue Cancels About 1,280 Flights Due to Omicron].

In the message sent by Geraghty, president of the New York-based company, 2,500 people have been employed so far this year, but staffing remains short, and JetBlue will announce in the coming weeks some other measures for its employees to avoid flight disruptions.

JetBlue last week unveiled a $3.6 billion deal to buy low-cost airline Spirit, raising questions about the latter’s deal to merge with rival Frontier, known for its ultra-discounted fares. Read more [JetBlue Airlines to Acquire Spirit for $3.6 Billion].

American Airlines officials will announce detailed staffing and capacity plans starting this week, coinciding with Delta Air Lines releasing first-quarter results, and a report by other airlines will be released later in the month.

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