Jack Dorsey offers to sell his first-ever tweet as NFT, with the highest bid valued at $2.5 million

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has put his first-ever tweet up for sale as a non-exchangeable token (the so-called NFT) by sharing a link on Friday to a platform called Valuables, linking to the tweet “just setting up my twttr” which was published on March 21, 2006 is up for sale, and the highest bid of $2.5 million came on Saturday by “Sina Estavi” who serves as CEO of Bridge Oracle.

Owning these assets is usually on the Blockchain, in which Bitcoin and several other currencies are traded, but unlike currencies one cannot trade an NFT or exchange it for another token as they can for the dollar or other currencies, each NFT token is unique in itself and is considered as a non imitable, which makes these icons rare in their designs.

Crypto-collectibles like those on Blockchain have become very popular lately, with everyone from artists to rock bands rushing to offer their content for sale as an NFT token. For example, a digital copy of the 2011 Nyan Cat comic sold for $600,000 at auction publicly online last month.

Some people who buy NTF tokens believe they own a virtual object thanks to the Blockchain platform, and Dorsey is also a fan of cryptocurrency, featuring “#bitcoin” in his Twitter bio, so his trading of NTF tokens seems like a natural extension of his interests, and his digital payments company, Square, reportedly bought about 3,318 bitcoins in late February, coming after her last bitcoin purchase occurred last October when she bought 4,709 bitcoin.

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