Invitations to Improve Productivity at Google

The CEO of Google Currency motivates employees to improve performance and announces the launch of the “Simplicity Race” initiative

Google will launch a new campaign called “Simplicity Race” as part of its efforts to improve the efficiency and focus of employees during periods of uncertainty and economic uncertainty, and the CEO “Sundar Pichai” told a staff meeting that the company’s productivity is not where it should be given the size of its staff.

These steps and statements come after the company recorded the second consecutive quarter of the failure of quarterly profits and revenues to reach the level of expectations, as revenue growth slowed to 13% during the quarter, after it was 62% during the same quarter a year ago, when the company was benefiting from the reopening of the economy after The pandemic and the return of high consumer spending, and Chief Financial Officer “Ruth Porat” stated that she expects Google to continue to face some challenges in the near term, but the company will not provide any official financial guidance for the future.

This news also comes after Pichai recently announced a slowdown in hiring and investment during 2023, asking employees to work “with greater speed and passion” compared to their performance during “sunny days”, as he described it, referring to the days of prosperity and economic prosperity.

In doing so, Pichai introduced the “Simple Race” initiative to improve product development in the company, knowing that the term “race” is often used in software development companies and technology start-ups to denote encouragement and push towards a common goal. Read more [Alphabet’s Google Offers Free Technical Courses].

Google will open a floor in the main building to allow employees to submit their ideas until August 15 through an internal survey that will allow the Alphabet subsidiary to achieve better results more quickly, according to Pichai. Read more [India’s ShareChat Receives Massive Funding from Google].

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