India bans some Chinese Apps as tensions remain between them

India has blocked several Chinese apps in a kind of disciplinary action against the “Beijing” government, further complicating their relations. On Tuesday, the Indian government announced the ban on 43 other apps, the majority of which are Chinese, a number of which are affiliated with e-commerce giant Alibaba, including shopping platform AliExpress, messaging tool DingTalk and streaming website Taobao Live, as well as banning dating apps.

Alibaba did not immediately comment on this ban, but the Chinese embassy responded that it always requires Chinese companies whose services and products reach all over the world to abide by global rules and respect the local laws of other countries.

Officials in India have banned more than 200 apps, mostly from China, in the past five months, including the popular video platform TikTok, and relations between the two countries have been strained since June over a border clash between them that killed 20 Indian soldiers, which was followed by calls for calm and de-escalation.

But negotiations between Indian and Chinese officials failed to make any progress in this regard, and the tension between them expanded to reach trade relations, which are worth more than $80 billion, as many Indians called for a boycott of Chinese goods and services, especially the products of the technological industry. Chinese dominant.

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