Holiday vacancies are shrinking, except for these companies

American companies announced job vacancies during the months of September and October at a rate of 20% lower than the same period last year, and due to the Corona pandemic, companies are no longer hiring as they used to during the holiday season, but this blow did not affect all companies, and these are the top five Companies that will hire during the holiday season, according to ZipRecruiter:

1- Amazon company
The American company with the largest online store in the world in terms of sales, and also working in the field of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
Number of vacancies: 63,433
Job Title: Warehouse Team Manager.

2- Intuit Company
An American software company which develops operating systems in the fields of economics, accounting and taxation.
Number of vacancies: 12.667
Job title: remote tax expert.

3- Target company
The retail company that owns stores around the world in addition to an online store, and is the eighth largest retail company in the United States of America.
Number of vacancies: 6.012
Job Title: Fund Accountant.

4- Walmart
One of the largest American retail companies, it operates a chain of hypermarkets and grocery stores and owns about 11,496 stores in 27 countries around the world.
Number of vacancies: 5,524
Job Title: Distribution Center Team Member.

5- Lowe’s Company
An American retail company specializing in household appliances and home development, and operates about 2,200 stores, and its branches are spread in America and Canada.
Number of vacancies: 4,590
Job title: Responsible for receiving, addressing and arranging merchandise.

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