General Motors and Cruise Suing Ford Over Use of The BlueCruise Name

General Motors and its subsidiary Cruise, a robotic taxi, have filed a lawsuit to prevent Ford Motors from using the “BlueCruise” name in marketing its “hands-free” semi-autonomous driving technology.

General Motors says the two companies have had what it describes as “protracted discussions” about the issue but have failed to reach a resolution to end the dispute, which General Motors says is brand infringement and unfair competition, and has asked the court to order that Ford be barred from using the “BlueCruise” name, while Ford described the lawsuit as “frivolous and futile“.

Car companies are racing to deploy technology that allows drivers to leave the wheel in traffic or on the highway to help drivers deal with these times of routine driving, but these so-called “advanced driver assistance systems” are similar to Tesla’sautopilot” technology, do not allow drivers to leave driving completely for long periods.

General Motors announced in 2012 that it would use the name “Super Cruise” for its semi-automated driving technology, and has been marketing it with that name since 2017, noting that the Cruise unit of self-driving vehicles, in which General Motors has a majority stake, as it began operating in 2013, while Ford announced its use of the “BlueCruise” name last April.

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