FIFA Will Disappear With the End of EA Sports Partnership

With the end of the EA Sports partnership approaching, the popular video game FIFA will soon disappear

The popular video game FIFA is nearing its disappearance from the market after the game’s parent company failed to conclude a new licensing deal with the world football governing body. later this year.

EA has been producing FIFA for nearly three decades and its friendly relationship with fans around the world helped the Zurich-based organization’s branding aid when its reputation fell into disrepair amid the 2015 campaign of arrests of soccer officials.

For many people, FIFA means a video game rather than a sports political organisation, and now FIFA will need to look for opportunities to make a new video game outside of EA.

The CEO of EA stated that the company is grateful for the many years of a wonderful partnership with FIFA, and added that the future of global football looks very bright with a worldwide fan base stronger than ever, which will help the company put EA Sports FC at the heart of the game. Sport and attract more creativity and trusted expertise to a growing football audience.

The game will not change significantly, and most international clubs and star players will remain in it as they are affiliated with separate licensing deals with teams and leagues, but the World Cup itself and other sporting events controlled by FIFA will not be in the game anymore, and it is worth noting that some indicate a collision The licensing deal and its suspension is due to FIFA’s efforts to double what it receives from EA Sports, which amounts to 150 million dollars annually.

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