Facebook Officially Changed Its Name To Meta

Facebook renews its branding to become Meta in conjunction with its focus on the virtual world

Facebook says it’s rebranding as Meta as the company grapples with criticism from the country’s decision makers and regulators over its abuse of market power, the quality of its algorithms, and privacy-busting policies on its platforms, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed at the company’s live conference for virtual and augmented reality that the new name reflects the company’s focus on building metaverses or “virtual space“.

Zuckerberg added that at the moment, his company’s brand is linked to a single product that cannot represent everything the company is working on, except for its future plans that have remained outside the perspective of investors, this change will bring its various applications and technologies together under a new brand, and Mark confirmed that Facebook will not undergo a restructuring.

Virtual world metaverse, a term that was alluded to in a dystopian novel three decades ago and is now beginning to capture the interest of businesses in the Silicon Valley region, denotes the broad idea of a shared virtual environment that can be accessed by all people across different devices, some news circulated about Facebook changing its name to indicate its focus on this future field last week. Read more [Facebook Is Planning For A New Name For Its Brand].

The company has signaled a new sign at its Mallow Park, California headquarters, where it will replace the “like” logo representing a thumbs up with a blue logo representing the infinity sign.

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