Ethereum Inflation Rate is Getting Lower Than Bitcoin’s

Ethereum has entered what is called the hard money game with less inflation than BTC

The second largest cryptocurrency ETH has officially entered the hard money game as most analysts call it, with less inflation than bitcoin’s inflation.

As it was informed from Glassnode in a tweet:

Ethereum has entered the hard money game. For the past 3 months, Ethereum’s inflation rate has been lower than Bitcoin. and he added “To the dissatisfied maxis: I love Bitcoin as much as you. But dismissing this trend is like goldbugs dismissing Bitcoin. Both protocols have significant pros-and-cons. Keep and open mind”.

“Developers being able to change ETH supply issuance/inflation whenever they want means it is NOT hard money, and never will be. It’s been multiple times already. When ETH price gets high, they will increase supply, suppressing price. This cannot happen with Bitcoin”. Said by someone.

Aaron Arnold the crypto analyst believes that Ethereum ETH and Solana SOL as well as 3 other altcoins may explode during this year. The increasing interest in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is leading the bullishness on a handful of crypto assets, said by the co-host of Altcoin Daily. Read more [The Latest Price Prediction For The Premium Coins In Market] [Ethereum, Solana and Polkadot Drive Crypto Prices Higher] [Latest Realistic Ethereum Price Prediction].

“I’m talking about quality L1s and quality L2s. I’m talking about projects that have real activity going on on the protocol. These cryptocurrency projects are going to be explosive this year. Why do I say that? It is because the amount of activity we are seeing in the NFT space, the DeFi space, just continues to go parabolic.”

Ethereum is trading in green by the movement of writing this article, and it is trading at the price of $3,209.51.

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