Ethereum Explodes and Two ETH Competitors to Overtake it

Ethereum price massively explodes, but two ETH competitors might overtake the coin's market place

The market shows that crypto prices are recovering from the last crisis in a fast manner as both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices exploded, as well as the other digital assets seem to be performing amazing as well. The BTC is trading at this moment in the green at $58,814.32, moreover, the ETH is being traded also in green at $4,746.17.

Despite the expulsion in the prices, it has been revealed that the ETH will be facing two competitors in the market which will be overtaking the ETH’s market price. As the Real Vision chief executive and macro guru Raoul Pal are expecting hard days for the ETH as the top competitors are preparing to see massive price surge soon, which will affect the ETH price.

He also reported that he has 82% of his portfolio is in Ethereum, but he expects the smart contract platforms Solana (SOL) and Terra (LUNA) will overtake ETH this cycle.

Pal added

“So why don’t I have all my money in those? Because I have less certainty because the network effects are less pronounced. So, therefore, I have to have a smaller bet. But I don’t think ETH stops going up. The whole space is going up 100x over the next 10 years, so you can back a lot of different horses and still make money.” he also added “We’ll probably start to see a sell-off in early January or late December because people are expecting something, and I think it will be wholeheartedly wrong because I see nothing but a wall of money coming in January/February/March.”

Which means that the crypto price market will be witnessing a massive surge at the end of the year. However, Pal has predicted that the ETH will double the prices in the coming weeks where the coin’s price will be reaching $15,000 at the end of this year.

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