Elon Musk became the richest man after overtaking Jeff Bezos

Today, Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world with a fortune of more than $185 billion, as a rise in Tesla shares on Thursday pushed Musk to overtake Jeff Bezos, who has been the world’s richest man since 2017, with a current fortune of 184 Billion dollar.

The growth of Musk’s wealth over the past year is the fastest recorded in history, reaching the top of the list of the world’s richest men, which also represents a dramatic financial transformation for Musk, the famous businessman who, only 18 months ago, was making headlines for draining Tesla money and having negative impact on its shares.

Musk started in 2020 with a fortune of nearly $27 billion, and was then hardly ranked among the 50 richest men in the world, but the crazy rise of Tesla’s stock, which has increased more than nine times over the past year, in addition to his generous salaries, contributed to increasing his wealth by more $150 billion, meanwhile, Amazon stock remains quietly stable due to the possibility of tighter controls by the US government.

Elon Musk surpassed Warren Buffett last July to become the seventh richest man in the world, and in November Musk also surpassed billionaire Bill Gates to become the second richest man in the world. During the past 12 months, he has acquired a fortune that exceeds Gates’ total fortune, which is $132 billion.

Tesla shares are trading at about $790 recently, 4% higher than Thursday’s trading, and the company’s market capitalization has risen to $737.6 billion.

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