eCash is Close to be The World’s Best Cryptocurrency

eCash cryptocurrency is about to be the best digital currency in the world

eCash ($XEC) is a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin Cash ABC network, but the coin was rebranded on July 1st, 2021, and has since tried to distinguish itself from its predecessor. Moreover, $XEC strictly aims to be a means of transaction used to pay for goods and services. On November 16th, 2021, $XEC celebrated the completion of its cryptocurrency rebranding, which included a new logo, ticker symbol, and top exchanges to trade and invest on. This endeavor is a continuation of the development team’s vision and basic beliefs, which were also responsible for the launch of Bitcoin Cash in 2017. eCash is an electronic currency that will change the way people throughout the world think about wealth, economic freedom, and digital accessibility.

By democratizing access to money, eCash aims to ensure everyone can access money regardless of geography or socio-economic status. Digital cash has the same value as fiat money, although it offers even more benefits. Fiat money is regulated by authorities, prone to inflation, and plagued by its diminishing usefulness. Peer-to-peer transactions using eCash do not require a credit cards or a bank account. It uses a standard of charging little to zero fees and not storing individual customer information. eCash digital currency serves as an investment instrument and a means to trade for resources and education in one’s daily life.

Compared to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash’s 8 decimals, eCash’s denominations have changed to small values in smaller denominations at 2 decimals for easier transactions within such a short period of time since its fork from Bitcoin Cash. As well as Cashtab and Electrum ABC wallets, the development team improved and enhanced them in order to make eCash and coin-control more convenient for people.

eCash’s coin launch has proven to be profitable, with price appreciation of +1800% since November 15th, 2020 when it split from Bitcoin Cash and became its own project and +550% since July 1st, 2021 when there was a rebrand launch from BCHA to eCash, while the todays price according to is $0.000174 for each $XEC. Following the rebranding, $XEC is now available on more than 30 exchanges, such as e.g. Binance, Huobi and Coinex. Investors like eCash ($XEC) because it has a large, fixed supply of 21 Trillion $XEC – which is low inflation by comparison with many other coins, and can continue to retain value over time.

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