Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Explode 13%, While Bitcoin Seeks $44K

The crypto market is finally witnessing the green after a reddish months, as BTC reaches a little above $44K, while Shiba Inu and Dogecoin took the light among other alt coins with 13% surge.

Bitcoin struggled the past few months below the $45K price as it reached the $39K few days ago to regain the $40K again. Read more [Bitcoin Faces the Lowest Drop of 40% Since September] and [Bitcoin Went Down To $47K In a Day After a $300M Liquidation] and [Coins News: Bitcoin & Ethereum Dip While AVAX & LUNA Rose]. As for today, BTC tried hard to hold on the $40K but failed and went below that price. More specifically, most altcoins have gained lately and started trading is green again, as the most popular altcoin in todays market “Shiba Inu” and “Dogecoin” have exploded to reach 13% high on the daily scale.

Last week was bearish week for the king of the crypto BTC, as the correction led the coin from $48K to approximately $41K. the situation went horribly as BTC dipped to less than $40K for the first time since Sep as mentioned before.

After the correction of few hours, the coin’s value bounced to recover $2K. However, BTC is still following the upward trend and reached the $44K shortly before it decreased to less than it of few hundreds dollars, this dip came after the US announced the highest country inflation rates in 40 years.

However, BTC could manage to reach more than $44K as it surged to $44,250, which is the highest price tag since Wednesday’s latest correction.

As for the altcoins, they also suffered the past weeks and fell down badly, but what they are currently recovering and trading in green. For Ethereum ETH, dipped to less thank $3K this Monday, but the coin could manage to recover fast and gain the most of the value in a short time, as it stands currently above the $3,350 with a 3% surge since yesterday.

Binance coin has also gained almost 3% and sit at $480 north. Moreover, the are gains also from MATIC, Polkadot, CRO, Ripple, Chainlink and Avalanche.

Terra, Cardano and Solana surged also and gained more value between the 6% and 8%. For the two main coin, Dogecoin surged by more than 13% to reach $0.17 , Shiba Inu is also up by the same percentage to reach $0.000032.

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