Daimler Truck Suffering from Supply Chain Stress

The world's largest truck maker faces huge pressures from parts supply chains

The crisis of supply chain disruptions continues to affect all companies around the world, and the director of the largest truck maker in the world has warned of a shortage of parts and a slowdown in the production of thousands of his company’s vehicles. The worst case he has witnessed in his career spanning more than 25 years, it has led to massive disruptions across all divisions of the company and its brands.

The Mercedes-Benz truck maker said earlier this month that there are signs that the worsening chip shortage will begin to recede, knowing that chips, or semiconductors, are an essential component of the modern auto industry, and have suffered from severe shortages since the height of the Covid-19 epidemic and closures. factories caused by the pandemic.

However, Daum has stated that the lack of other parts still affects the production of thousands of trucks within the company’s global network of factories, and the matter is worsening with the exacerbation of inflationary pressures and their impact on production, as energy and raw materials costs have skyrocketed, some of which can only be transferred later To burden the financial burden of customers.

Despite this, the trucking company, which owns brands such as Freightliner, Western Star and Fuso, did point out some optimistic points, as the company in the US alone is seeing a backlog of nearly 200,000 trucks as it tries to make up for the supply shortfall it has experienced. in 2020 and 2021.

It is worth noting that Daimler Truck last month announced an 8% year-over-year growth in sales for the first quarter, in conjunction with a 17% growth in total revenue during the same period.

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